Why Is My Sugar Glider Crying?

Why Is My Sugar Glider Crying?

At some point, you have probably heard your pet sugar glider whine. It is expected for a sugar glider parent to ask questions, like “why is my sugar glider crying?” Fortunately, this blog dives into why sugar gliders make that noise.

4 Reasons Why Sugar Gliders Cry

As humans, we cry due to several reasons. We cry when upset or in pain — sugar gliders are no exception. They do it for some reason, too, especially the baby gliders. 

Find the top four explanations for “why is my sugar glider crying” below. 

1. They miss their colony

Sugar gliders were originally living in the wild before they became house pets. It is typical for them to miss their family. Hence they make sounds as if they are crying.

It could be hard for them to adjust to the new setup. However, the whining stops once they are well-bonded to you and their new environment.

2. Something is wrong

It can often mean they are famished or something is bothering them. Unfortunately, it is up to us to decode what is wrong with them.

If only sugar gliders could talk like human beings. It would be easier for you to respond to the question, “why is my sugar glider crying” in a heartbeat. 

3. They express fear

Unlike us, sugar gliders do not exhibit tears of joy. They cry because they are in a threatening situation. Sugar gliders communicate through active noise, such as crying, crabbing, and barking when stressed.

A whining sound by sugar gliders is not something their human guardians should let slide. It could mean that your pet is sensing danger nearby.

4. They are sound asleep

Some sugar glider parents note that their pets tend to whine while napping — almost like they are dreaming. It is somewhat similar to what dogs do when they are sound asleep. In addition, it lasts for a few seconds.

How To Stop Sugar Gliders From Crying

The most practical way of stopping their whining is to comfort them. Sugar gliders can be very sensitive, so hold them calmly. Treat and communicate with them as if you are caring for a baby.

Sugar gliders of all ages cry. However, the little ones are more prone to whining. If you cannot answer the question “why is my sugar glider crying” on your own, you should try visiting the vet.

In addition, feed and have them drink water as much as required by the vet. Most importantly, make sure they get entertained enough to prevent vying for your attention.


Crying for humans comes from strong emotions, and sugar gliders are no exception to this rationale. They also whine when something makes them upset. As sugar glider guardians, we want to make them as happy as possible.

We hope this article has assisted you in understanding why your little furry friend whines. Crying for sugar gliders is normal. However, something might be wrong when they do it as often as usual. The best solution here is to ring their vet and ask for an appointment.



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