Why Is My Sugar Glider Crabbing?

You probably know by now that your sugar glider friends are one of the cutest and friendliest pets, but they can be very unpredictable. If you ever come across the question, “Why is my sugar glider crabbing,” we have the answers for you!

Sugar Gliders Crabbing In The Wild

Humans talk to communicate, and sugar gliders do, too — but with noises! One of the typical behaviors they do is crabbing. It sounds like locusts moving away in waves with a high pitch. 

It is essential to remember that sugar gliders can survive in the wilderness. They use this sound to warn other gliders of any intruders. Crabbing makes them appear bigger, bolder, and braver in threatening situations.

Sugar Gliders Crabbing As Pets

As mentioned above, sugar gliders crab in dire circumstances. However, they will seldom make this sound once they are well-bonded to you. If they do, here are the four solutions to your question: Why is my sugar glider crabbing?

1. Startled by someone

Your little one may crab when they feel threatened by someone unfamiliar. Like humans, we tend to act unconsciously when we socialize with someone we do not know. Their crabbing can be so loud that everyone can hear it across your household.

2. In need of attention

Sugar gliders can sometimes be clingy. They will make crabbing sounds at you if you do not give them the desperately needed attention. Maybe they are jealous and use crabbing sounds to play with you. 

3. Introduced to a new sugar glider

When you put two sugar gliders in one place, you must know that it takes time before they get well-bonded with each other. Your former glider will crab at your new one as a sign to stay away. 

If you do not separate them immediately, they might start fighting, and both can get injured. It will take time before accepting each other’s company, so make sure you introduce sugar gliders when they are calm. 

4. Upset or irritated

Like us, sugar gliders have their own feelings and personalities. They quickly get upset and irritated with humans or other gliders at times. For instance, they might start crabbing at you once they feel annoyed while you hold them.

When Should You Take Your Crabbing Sugar Glider To The Vet

Sugar gliders make crabbing sounds for no reason. It cannot always mean they are aggressive or just anxious about something. Try to comfort them to make them feel secure, but if it continues to crab, you might have a problem.

Sometimes the answer to the question, why is my sugar glider crabbing, cannot be accountable by just the four reasons above. If you have difficulty decoding your sugar glider’s crabbing, it may be the perfect time to visit their vet and have them checked.


Dogs bark, cats purr, and sugar gliders crab. As pet guardians, we want what is best for our babies. As for your sugar gliders, we hope this article answers your queries regarding “why is my sugar glider crabbing?”



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