Why Is My Sugar Glider Barking At Night?

why is my Sugar Glider barking at night

If you are one of the owners wondering, “why is my sugar glider barking at night?” you’ve come to the right place. It is not that unusual to them, as it is one of their many ways of communicating with others.

Continue reading to find out why they do it.

Why Do Sugar Gliders Bark?

The sound of a Sugar Glider’s bark is closely similar to a small puppy. They do this when they are trying to say something to their owners. They are also nocturnal animals, so that you may hear the sound more often at night.

Their barking could mean a lot of things. They are social creatures, so it is normal for them to love interacting with their kind and humans.

Here are the possible reasons why you might be asking, “why is my sugar glider barking at night?”:

They are disturbed

Like dogs, sugar gliders may let out a bark when they are shocked by something unfamiliar. They may hear something unusual, like breaking glass, unexpected visitors, and loud televisions.

That is why keeping their enclosures near the window is not recommended because they could hear many things. 

They are hungry

Barking is also one way of telling their owners that they haven’t fed them. Humans are prone to mistakes, and forgetting to provide your sugar glider may happen sometimes.

It is a good thing that they can communicate with you and tell you what their needs are. Set a feeding schedule that you and your sugar Glider can follow.

They are lonely or sick

If you suddenly hear them bark, but it is faint, they may tell you they’re sick. It can accompany the white film on their eyes and chewing off nails. This is a clear indication that they require immediate medical attention.

If such symptoms are missing, they may also be just sad. This happens mostly when they are alone because they prefer having company with humans or their kind. They are also prone to developing depression.

If you have enough space at home, getting at least two Sugar Gliders is recommended so they would not feel alone.

No particular reason

Sometimes, a Sugar Glider’s aggressive behavior means nothing at all. They are animals, so they are prone to such manners.

It can simply be something that they want to do. They could just be having a monologue alone and do not require you to do anything about it. Not all sounds coming from Sugar Gliders have to mean anything specific, as it is natural for them. 


There is no one answer to the question, “why is my sugar glider barking at night.” It can mean so many things but be sure to pay attention to them whenever they make such sounds as it can be severe. Look for possible signs of sickness and consult a veterinarian immediately upon seeing anything suspicious. 



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