What Tricks Can You Teach A Sugar Glider?

What Tricks Can You Teach A Sugar Glider?

Indeed, you at least once thought about what tricks can you teach a sugar glider. It is almost expected for all pets to know some commands, especially if you want to keep them well-acquainted with living a domesticated life,

Fortunately, Sugar Gliders can know some things. Training them would require patience and effort from their owners, as they can have different personalities and temperaments. 

Sugar Gliders Tricks And Commands

One thing you should know when thinking about what tricks can you teach a Sugar Glider is that they are curious, playful, lively, and intelligent. They enjoy bonding with their owners but are still susceptible to stress when placed in an unfamiliar environment.

Before teaching them tricks, you must wait for them to acclimate to you first. This may help them learn faster and follow your commands. You can start by bonding with them, which mainly involves spending a lot of time with your pet in their first week with you.

Moreover, provide them with a protected space to roam around as well. You can even set up areas that mimic their natural habitat.

After knowing what you can expect from them, it’s now time to see what tricks can you teach a Sugar Glider:


You can only make a Sugar Glider stay on you when they trust you enough. Teach them to do this once they acclimate to you.

You can start training them with this by starting in a small room and keeping them on you as much as possible. When they try to jump off you, pick them up immediately and put them back on your shoulder.

It would help if you also let them climb over you sometimes and help them learn which parts of your body they can go to, such as your chest, head, arms, and shoulders. Over time, they should be able to recognize such commands and do them without whining. 


You can try incorporating treats on this one and slowly make a trail of it toward you while using a clicker.

Use the cue “come” repeatedly until they understand what it means.

Touch stuff

Leave an item in the room, like a ball, and make a clicking sound whenever they try to go near it and incorporate the command word.

Repeat the process as frequently as necessary until they get used to it. You can try this on different items so they would not think it only applies to one specific object. 

Hoop jumping

In this trick, you will need a small hoop and hold than in front of your Sugar Glider. Click every time they move toward the ring until they jump right through it.

Continue to do that, try moving the hoop higher, and use command works such as “jump.”


You can use this command to call them and ask them to glide toward you whenever they are in a higher position. You can start by holding a treat in your hand and enticing them. Use a clicker every time they come to you, as it is helpful when correlating the action to the command. 


After finding out what tricks can you teach a Sugar Glider, you should know that it would require patience and consistency if you want them to learn. You cannot expect them to be good at something in just days. If you are doing the right things, they can eventually keep up with the tricks. 



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