What Kind Of Water Should Sugar Gliders Drink?

What Kind Of Water Should Sugar Gliders Drink?

Sugar gliders are lovely pets, but owners must know how to properly care for them. One aspect you must know is what kind of water should sugar gliders drink.

These animals don’t drink much water in the wild since they get hydration from eating fruits. However, pet owners must carefully give their gliders adequate liquid to prevent dehydration. 

What’s The Best Water For Sugar Gliders?

“What kind of water should sugar gliders drink” is a common question with pet owners. You may give your gliders tap water if it’s potable, but don’t let them drink it directly.

Tap water typically contains chlorine traces, and this chemical is poisonous to your glider. Try using a filter or purification machine to help remove these harmful chemicals.

You may also give your pets filtered water to be safe. However, you must avoid distilled water as it is acidic and doesn’t contain any minerals. 

What Are The Best Water Containers?

Gliders will drink water when you give them a source, so you must choose a good-quality water bottle to encourage them to drink. You can put a bowl or bottle in their cage to keep them hydrated

Stoppered water bottles work well since they prevent spilling and evaporation. However, you can also put a bowl with water in case they reject the bottle. 

Use a glass bottle and ceramic bowl as gliders can chew through plastic. These materials also prevent water contamination from chemicals. 

Dehydration In Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders don’t usually seek water as they aren’t used to it in the wild. After you decide what kind of water should sugar gliders drink, you must know how to prevent dehydration. 

Sugar gliders can only go 12 hours without water, so you must ensure your pets get enough liquids. Learn how to spot dehydration and cure it for healthy gliders.


These are the usual signs of sugar glider dehydration:

  • Dry mouth and nose
  • Lethargy
  • Sunken eyes
  • Diarrhea
  • Labored breathing

You may also perform a skin test to check for dehydration. Pinch your glider’s skin behind the neck; if it stays in place, your pet is dehydrated and needs water immediately. 

How To Cure Dehydration

You must replenish your pet’s electrolytes when dehydrated, so they need to drink a hydration mixture. Give your glider equal parts water mixed with glucose and a little Gatorade. This drink will replenish the nutrients they lost.

How To Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration can be deadly for your gliders, so you must prevent this risk. Here are some maintenance tips for sugar glider pet owners. 

1. Check the water supply

Always make sure your gliders have enough clean water. Use a bottle and bowl together if necessary.

2. Keep your water bottle clean

Clogged and defective water bottles can cause dehydration. Always clean your water bottle tip to ensure your pets get enough water. 


Pet owners must know what kind of water should sugar gliders drink. This knowledge will keep your pets healthy and in good shape. Always give your gliders clean water and put it in containers they can drink from easily. 



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