Sugar Gliders Diet: An Ultimate Guide To A Healthy Eating Habit

A sugar glider’s diet includes a variety of sweet fruits, vegetables, and live food. As omnivores, they are easy to feed and consume every food given to them. Owners should know how to prepare a balanced meal so these small animals will have the right amounts of nutrients in their bodies as they grow.

What Is A Sugar Glider’s Diet?

Certain foods cannot be incorporated into sugar gliders diet like any other animal. Preferably, it would be better to consult a veterinarian on replicating their natural diet in the wild.

As pets, these animals mostly eat what is commonly known as a Leadbeater mixture. It is a combination of meat, honey, eggs, and supplements that usually comes in the form of a frozen cube. Most owners use ice cube trays for easy portioning and storage.

Aside from that, they also need extra nutrients from pellets, which owners can easily purchase at pet stores or online. To balance the meal, adding vegetables, fruits, and tree nuts can help them be healthier and fit.

When choosing plant-based ingredients, keep in mind that adding items high in oxalates and calcium is not recommended as they can harm small animals. Low-oxalate and low-calcium greens like bibb lettuce, radicchio, dill, and arugula are suitable for sugar gliders diet.

Foods That Should Not Be In Sugar Gliders Diet

As mentioned before, most leafy vegetables are not suitable for sugar gliders. Consuming these kinds of food for a long time may cause health problems. As much as possible, do not put these ingredients in places where the animal can reach them and accidentally consume them.

If they happen to eat some, consult a vet immediately to know what to do next. Moreover, these are the other foods that should not be included in sugar gliders diet:

  • Dairy
  • Chocolate
  • Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • Foods with pesticides
  • Fruits (Pears and figs)
  • Vegetables (carrots and beets)

How Much Food Does A Sugar Glider Need Per Day?

It is recommended for sugar gliders to eat between 15 to 20% of their weight. Their typical weight only ranges around 3 to 5 ounces, so they should not eat much.

The best meal preparation for sugar gliders should be around ¼ to a half of a Leadbeater’s mixture ice cube, a teaspoon of pellets (nutritional), and two to three teaspoons of fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Occasionally, they can also eat live mealworms and corn for a treat.

How Much Water Does A Sugar Glider Consume A Day?

Sugar gliders need constant access to freshwater, and filtered water is the best in keeping them healthy and illness-free. It would be best to provide them with clean water in a bottle or bowl to drink whenever they need to.

How To Prevent Foul Odor With A Good Diet?

Sugar gliders are clean animals, but they may sometimes smell for several reasons. This includes:

  • Not potty trained
  • Overeating meat
  • Unclean cage

Fortunately, these problems are easy to solve. As much as possible, give them a balanced meal of both meat and plant-based ingredients. Also, clean their cage regularly to be stress-free and not contaminated by various diseases caused by bacteria.


It is not hard to prepare a good sugar gliders diet, unlike for other pets. As long as the owner knows what should and should not be in their meals, they will live a healthy and happy life.



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