Sugar Glider Vs Chinchilla: Which Is The Best Pet For You?

Furry exotic pets are hard to resist. There are several animals to adopt, but the most prominent contenders are sugar gliders vs chinchillas. Which of these unique pets are better for your home?

People can’t resist these animals because they are cute and have excellent personalities. Maybe you will find the proper choice for you through this article!

Pet Care

These animals constantly move around, so they need large enclosures to keep them entertained. Avoid exposing gliders and chinchillas to young kids because they may bite if you don’t handle them properly.

  • Sugar Glider

These marsupials are small — they only grow to seven inches long and weigh about six ounces. They need climbing toys in their enclosure to keep them entertained.

  • Chinchilla

Chinchillas grow up to ten inches, weighing up to two pounds. They need tall cages with platforms for them to jump on.

It would be best to give them several chew toys to prevent biting on furniture. They also need hiding spots for them to rest.

Both animals usually make barking noises, but sugar gliders are noisier, especially in the early morning.


Diet is a significant factor in the sugar glider vs chinchilla battle. You must give them the right food to keep them healthy. 

  • Sugar Glider

Gliders need protein, fruit, and occasional live insects in their diet. You can also give them nuts or dried seeds to supplement their diet.

  • Chinchilla

Chinchillas have a similar diet to sugar gliders, but they need pellets and hay to give them extra nutrients. They also need various foods to help with their digestion.

You may also give chinchillas salt rocks to grind down their teeth. 


Knowing how long your furry friends will be with you is helpful. Gliders live for 15 years, while a chinchilla can reach 20 years.

Chinchillas may also develop hairballs, so be vigilant if you see they’re in distress. Remember, health and life span are essential when you choose a pet.


The pet-owner relationship can play a big part in the sugar glider vs chinchilla preference. 

  • Sugar Glider

Gliders are loving pack-animals that develop a close bond with all the humans in the house. They can even bond with other pets if you introduce them well.

  • Chinchilla

Chinchillas are more timid, and they prefer to hide than bond with their humans. However, after time they will get used to cuddling.


Chinchillas are slightly more expensive to raise. They’re bigger, so they eat more, and you will need to take them to the vet for regular check-ups.


So, who wins the sugar glider vs chinchilla debate? It depends on the owners’ preference and how much they want to care for the animal.

Chinchillas are bigger and cost more, but sugar gliders can get lost easily when you don’t watch them. If you want these exotic animals as pets, you need to properly research their needs and care. Give them the proper resources and keep them happy to get the best out of your experience!



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