Pet Adoption 101: Are Sugar Gliders Dangerous?

Many people must have been interested in adopting sugar gliders. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals with folds of skin that allow them to glide when outstretched. 

This animal may look cute and tiny, but it comes with various conditions that you must know before adopting one. Are sugar gliders dangerous, or do they make excellent pets?

Continue reading to know more about adopting sugar gliders!

Are Sugar Gliders Dangerous?

Sugar gliders may bite, but their teeth are like tweezers, making them harmless. They often bite or nip when threatened, startled, or hurt.

Moreover, they bite people who are not their owners. You cannot let anyone hold your sugar glider if they are not close to each other because it might get scared.

You will need to train your sugar glider first to solve this problem. Once bonded, biting will get rare.

How Does A Sugar Glider Behave?

Sugar gliders are loyal and playful. They are social animals that love seeking attention from their owners. 

Furthermore, they most likely get depressed when they are alone. You will need to play with your sugar gliders or keep them in pairs or groups, or they will die from depression.

Aside from that, sugar gliders are nocturnal animals. They tend to stay awake and active all night and sleep during the day.

What Are The Things You Must Know When Adopting Sugar Gliders?

Listed here are more things you need to know before adopting sugar gliders.

1. They need proper housing

Sugar gliders need a spacious metal cage for them to leap, jump, and glide around. You will also need to lock it securely and put steel bars with small spacing because they can escape well from their housing.

There should be soft pouches or bags for sleeping, toys for playing, and food dishes. Ensure to clean everything inside the cage every day.

2. They require strict diets

Sugar gliders also need strict diets because improper nutrition is their common problem. To help you with that, we listed the things you can let your sugar glider eat.

  • Pellet food
  • Calcium-based multivitamins
  • Fruits (grapes, bananas, apples, melons, oranges, kiwi fruit)
  • Vegetables (sprouts, broccoli, carrots, squash)
  • Live insects
  • Sugar glider treats
  • Protein

3. They must have companions

As stated earlier, sugar gliders feel depressed when left alone. They can even die when they’re not interacting and playing for a long time.

Consider placing two or more sugar gliders in one cage. However, avoid putting multiple males and one female because they might fight for dominance.

4. They can be noisy

Since sugar gliders are nocturnal, they can get active and noisy at night. Moreover, sugar gliders tend to produce different noises according to their mood and feelings. You can consider placing your sugar glider’s cage in a room that causes you minimal distractions. 

5. They can produce foul odors

You cannot toilet-train sugar gliders, so you must clean well to prevent foul odors. You can also wait for them to urinate or poop after feeding them so you can clean it afterward.

Is It Legal To Adopt Sugar Gliders?

Adopting sugar gliders can be legal and illegal in some places. For instance, 46 out of 50 states in the U.S., except for Alaska, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania, allow the adoption of sugar gliders.

However, you still need to seek a special permit to capture, breed, or sell these animals.


Sugar gliders can make excellent pets, but you still need to know many things before adopting one. Fortunately, they are not dangerous because they can cause you no harm.

Since sugar gliders harm no one, you must also know different essential things about them to avoid hurting them too!



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