List Of Sugar Glider Veterinarians (Websites)

Animal Friends Veterinary Hospital

Animal Friends Veterinary Hospital takes care of all kinds of animals, including sugar gliders. Aside from regular medical care, Animal Friends Hospital also provides nail trimming, spaying and neutering, and husbandry consultation services for sugar glider owners.

Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic

Long Island Bird and Exotics Veterinary Clinic is a New York-based clinic that specializes in treating and taking care of exotic pets. Aside from serving sugar gliders, the veterinary clinic also offers services for toads, sea horses, turtles, lizards, chameleons, and more.

Exotic Pets Vet

Exotic Pets Vets is a group of veterinarians in three different clinics and locations. Their sugar glider vet has over 30 years of experience working with exotic animals. The clinics also provide healthcare and treatment to other animals such as dogs, cats, and more.

The Animal Hospital

Finding a suitable clinic for your gliders around the NYC area is never an easy task. Thankfully, this clinic is a reliable choice for all pet owners out there. With over 46 years of experience, this small animal hospital is a safe haven that provides extra comfort for your sugar gliders.

All Species 24 Hour Animal Hospital

No one wants to disturb their veterinarian during off hours, but in case of emergencies, this animal hospital is always at the ready for your needs. Since sugar gliders are nocturnal creatures, finding a clinic like this one can help you in the long run.

Loving Family Animal Hospital

No one wants to go to a vet that doesn\’t treat them like family. As their name suggests, this animal hospital believes that treating their clients with love and thoroughness is the key to building relationships with them. Your gliders will surely enjoy the presence of their staff!

Tennessee Valley Animal Clinic

This animal hospital always aims to provide high quality medical care to all animal species — that includes your precious sugar gliders! They make sure to constantly develop and provide a unique human-animal bond with their patients, assuring comfort and peace of mind for both animals and their owners.

Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando

Since our tiny friends are exotic creatures, it\’s best to bring them to animal hospitals that focus on this specific field. This Orlando-based clinic is the best choice for those who want a more thorough approach with sugar glider treatments.