How Do You Know If a Sugar Glider Is Pregnant?

How Do You Know If a Sugar Glider Is Pregnant

Have you ever thought about how interesting it is to see animals bear their off-springs? Unlike human beings who are capable of acting or saying so when they are pregnant, animals are just the opposite, like spider gliders who are said to have two ovaries and two uteri which makes them go into heat many times a year. Sure enough, it’s simple to know how they can make joeys, but how do you know if a sugar glider is pregnant? 

Sugar Glider’s Pregnancy Symptoms

There is an excellent possibility that the female sugar glider in your care is pregnant if she hasn’t been spayed and has lately come into touch with a male sugar glider. With that said, here’s how you can answer: how do you know if a sugar glider is pregnant? 

Boosted Appetite

Female sugar gliders’ bodies are charged during pregnancy and lactation, making them have increased appetites in return. Therefore, feeding them the needed proteins is a must. You should ensure your pet has enough calcium because pregnant sugar gliders need more calcium than usual. A female sugar glider could potentially fall ill if she does not. 

Pouch Grooming

You can detect pregnancy if a female sugar glider licks her pouch more frequently than usual. Sugar gliders are marsupials; hence their pregnancies are pretty short, usually lasting only 16 days. Like all young marsupials, the joeys undergo tremendous growth in their mothers’ pouches following birth.

However, she might be nursing her young if you see tiny bumps on your sugar glider’s pouch, which lasts for about ten weeks. Do not try to look inside her pouch to see whether she has any babies, as this can also bother her and possibly harm the joeys.

Behavioral Changes

Detecting pregnancy through physical signs may be way too hard, but you can also depend on the sudden mood shift of your sugar glider. A sugar glider that is pregnant may be more aggressive and unfriendly. Your pregnant sugar glider must be in a quiet area with minimal distractions to keep stress levels down and encourage a healthy pregnancy. 


One of the most significant things to know about how a sugar glider is pregnant is by considering her age. It can be possible to determine if your sugar glider is pregnant by considering her age. Female gliders usually develop reproductive capability between the ages of 8 months and one year. Your female may be pregnant if she is at least that old.

Wrap it All Up!

As you now have answered your concern: How do you know if a sugar glider is pregnant? You must remember that the pregnancy period for a sugar glider is relatively short. If you happen to detect that yours is pregnant, make sure to keep her cozy, fed, and hydrated. 

When the joeys are mature enough, please seek advice from a licensed veterinarian on how to manage them properly. Then, delight in your new pets!



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