How Do You Bond With A Sugar Glider?

How do you bond with a sugar glider?

Unlike other pets, sugar gliders require a different kind of care. It is essential to research how you can create a healthy and safe environment if you want to care for one. However, one of the main issues people ask is how do you bond with a sugar glider.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to research these things and get ideas from other people’s experiences online. If you are curious as to what you can do to improve and maintain the relationship that you have with your sugar glider, these are the things that you can do:

1. Wait for your sugar glider to loosen up

When you get a new sugar glider at home, avoid overstimulating them immediately. Being introduced to a new environment can be stressful for them. It would be best to allow a few days for them to adjust for the meantime before you initiate bonding time. 

2. Slow introductions

Sugar gliders adapt at their own pace, and they can also have different personalities and temperaments. Slow introductions would help get to know them better and what approaches work best for them. Just like with people, you need to respect their boundaries without being neglectful.

Usually, it may take days to a few months before they can finally be comfortable being with you.

3. Let them smell you

Sugar gliders familiarize themselves with a lot of things through scent. If you want them to get used to you, you can leave your laundry near their cage and let them smell it. This way, they can adapt quickly to your scent at their own pace. 

4. Spend more time around them

If you want them to feel secure around you, you can try spending more time in the same room as them without initiating contact. They are slowly becoming comfortable when they start making more noise around the house.

Always keep them in a room with less traffic, but enough for them to see you or your family often.

5. Pay attention to their body language

Take your time to observe them and look for silent signals. If they shy away from you when you come near, you should stay away. Begin with a hands-off approach and talk softly to them until they want to be touched.

6. Incorporate snacks

sugar gliders will find it hard to turn down their favorite snack. This is one of the best things you can do if you are wondering how do you bond with sugar glider.

Use this to call them out from hiding, but do not overdo it. Introduce new things slowly so you would not upset their stomachs. 

7. Use bonding pouches

You can use your hoodie to carry your sugar glider around. There are also bonding pouches that you purchase online. You can attach it to your body and let your pet climb. This can help make them feel more connected to you.

You can do this to lose your worries about how do you bond with a sugar glider.


That is all to answer the question on how do you bond with a sugar glider. You can do many things to foster a good relationship with them, but you can start with the tips listed above. 



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