How Can You Tell If A Sugar Glider Is Dehydrated?

How can you tell if a sugar glider is dehydrated?

Dehydration is a common illness in animals like sugar gliders. It may seem like an unimportant health concern, but it could also be a symptom of a much more deadly condition. This blog answers the question: how can you tell if a sugar glider is dehydrated?

Sugar gliders are tiny creatures that are dependent on water to function well. When left with no water for about 12 hours, their chances of dying are high. Therefore, leaving them dehydrated is not a safe option.

If you pay attention to your sugar glider’s body language, you will notice if they are acting weird than usual. That said, it could be because they are experiencing dehydration.

5 Signs Your Sugar Glider Is Dehydrated

You are probably wondering what the signs and symptoms of dehydration of sugar gliders are. Below are the signs you should look out for to know if a sugar glider is suffering from dehydration.

1. Lack of energy

We are all knowledgeable of the fact that sugar gliders are social animals. If you think they are less active than usual, they most likely haven’t drank enough water.

2. Dryness of nose and mouth

Your glider pet’s nose is typically wet. In addition, check your sugar glider’s mouth to see if they are also dry. If so, then they might be suffering from dehydration.

3. Sunken eyes

How can you tell if a sugar glider is dehydrated? Their eyes are prominent and aren’t sunken in a typical setting. If they look sunken for some reason, check their water source, they probably aren’t drinking much!

4. Skin stays up or goes down slowly

Try pulling your sugar glider’s skin at their shoulder. Your sugar glider is dehydrated if the skin stays up or down slowly.

5. Seizures

Having seizures is a highly life-threatening symptom of dehydration. When it happens to your sugar glider, immediate vet care should be in order. Unlike other signs of dehydration, seizures are the ones you should consider treating a lot sooner.

Aside from possible dehydration, seizures could signify a more serious health concern.

How To Avoid Dehydration Among Glider Pets

After getting the answer to the question, “how can you tell if a sugar glider is dehydrated,” we listed the three things you may do as an owner to keep your sugar gliders from dehydrating.

  • Unclog your sugar glider’s water bottle.
  • Always check your sugar glider’s water bottle and see if they are drinking enough.
  • Never let your sugar glider dehydrate for more or less than 12 hours.


If the list above is already happening to your sugar glider, they are probably experiencing dehydration. Leaving your sugar glider without water is not a safe option for them.

Ensure your pets drink enough water to keep them healthy and functioning well. Dehydration may be a minor issue for your sugar glider. Still, it could result in a more extreme health condition if not treated sooner.



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