How Can I Keep My Sugar Glider Warm?

How can I keep my sugar glider warm?

Sugar gliders are small creatures, which means they are more prone to getting cold than most pets. If you are curious about “how can I keep my sugar glider warm,” make sure you’re ready to provide for their particular needs.

Sugar Gliders And Their Habitat

Sugar gliders come from a slightly warm environment, which means that the best temperature for them may not be what you anticipate. If you need to provide a home for this marsupial, ensure that you can keep its habitat at the ideal temperature for sugar gliders.

Ideal Temperature For A Sugar Glider

Most sugar gliders live in the forests of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Tasmania. These places tend to be warm throughout the year, even at nighttime when sugar gliders are active. As a result, they need warmer environments than most other marsupials do.

You need to keep their room around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For most pet owners, keeping the habitat at this temperature is easy, especially during the summer. The problem may arise during winter when temperatures get lower than what a sugar glider can tolerate.

How To Keep A Sugar Glider’s Habitat Warm

If you’re asking, “how can I keep my sugar glider warm,” there are several methods you may consider for keeping their habitat at the ideal temperature. Most of these methods are more accessible and affordable than others, but this will depend on your house’s set-up and how far you’re willing to go.

Keep The Whole Room Warm

One of the advisable ways to keep your pet warm is to keep its habitat warm, either through portable heaters or central heating units. Central heating is easy for most pet owners, but keeping the temperature ideal for sugar gliders can be impractical and expensive.

Portable heaters effectively keep a single room at a higher temperature than the other rooms. They can be expensive to maintain, but it is more affordable for most people than a central heating system. 

Buy Blankets And Warm Pouches

If the temperature worsens at night, you may purchase blankets and warm pouches for your sugar glider. They are affordable as they don’t require constant power as heaters do. However, they can’t serve their purpose well enough when the temperature difference is too much.

Sugar gliders enjoy huddling in their pouches when they feel cold. You can create or buy sugar glider pouches in a variety of materials, meaning that you’ll be able to find some that can keep your sugar glider warm. 

If you want to add blankets and soft materials to their enclosure, ensure that you’ll give them easily washable blankets. It’s because sugar gliders may urinate on them without discretion.


“How can I keep my sugar glider warm?” If you already have a pet glider, you should learn about their natural habitat and how they live in the wild. Giving sugar gliders an improper environment can be stressful for them. 

It can lead to bad health and a much shorter life expectancy. While you can’t recreate their environment completely, knowing these creatures’ way of living can give you an idea of what you must provide for them.



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