Glider Care 101: Knowing When To Neuter A Sugar Glider

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Spaying is one essential aspect of being a pet owner. You can get the best out of this procedure if you know when to neuter a sugar glider! Make sure your pets are at the right age and health when you bring them to the vet.

Benefits Of Neutering Sugar Gliders

Spaying may not be your first choice, especially when you want your gliders to have offspring. However, this procedure has several benefits for your pet.

  • There’s less risk of testicular cancer
  • Neutering reduces odor in male sugar gliders
  • Your male gliders will grow their hair back
  • It reduces aggression and they become more docile
  • You will avoid unwanted offspring and inbreeding between your gliders
  • Male sugar gliders become more loving with you and their cage mates

It’s best to neuter your gliders before they become too old. They will live comfortable and happy lives after the procedure.

Ways To Neuter Male Gliders

After you decide the best time when to neuter a sugar glider, you must bring him to your vet. The vet will decide which way to spay your pet. 

1. Pom off method

Vets remove the testitcles and scrotum until there is nothing left. Glue or stitches will close your glider’s wounds.

2. Pom on method

The vet removes the testicles, but leaves the scrotum in place with cauterized blood vessels. This procedure doesn’t need stitches or glue. 

Your vet will decide the best method based on your glider’s age, weight, and overall health

The Best Time To Neuter Gliders

Now you know the methods and benefits of spaying your pet, but how will you know when to neuter a sugar glider?

Your gliders must be at least 2 months old when you take them in for the process. It may be risky if they are younger than 8 weeks old. 

The maximum age you should neuter a sugar glider is 7 years old. Any older and they might not handle the stress well. 

Your vet will inject anesthesia into your pet, so they must weigh at least 60g when you bring them to the clinic. 

There’s no need to shave your glider before the procedure, so don’t allow anyone in the clinic to do so. Shaving may cause additional stress on your pet. 

Can You Neuter Female Sugar Gliders?

You know the details about when to neuter a sugar glider for males; but how about female sugar gliders? When is the best time to spay them?

Spaying female sugar gliders isn’t recommended because they are too small. Having a neutering operation is too invasive to their body and it may cause issues.

Even if your vet tells you it’s alright to neuter female gliders, don’t take the risk. You will compromise your pet’s health and life. 


Neutering is a useful procedure for your sugar gliders, but only do it on the males. The females may not be able to handle the stress from the procedure.

Enjoy the perks of having a spayed sugar glider and control their population so the enclosure doesn’t become too tight!



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