Everything You Must Know About Housing Sugar Gliders With Other Pets

Sugar glider being handed a worm treat

Having pets at home while thinking about adopting a sugar glider can trigger many questions and worries. How do you manage sugar gliders with other pets? How can they cope with each other?

Worry less because this article will answer those basic questions you have today! We will also introduce you to some tips for putting these pets together. Go further in this post to know more.

How Do Sugar Gliders Cope Up With Other Pets In The House?

Fortunately, sugar gliders do not smell like food, so pets like cats and dogs will less likely get interested in going after them. These house pets will only get triggered and aggressive when your sugar glider starts moving quickly. In this case, it is better to place them separately in the meantime.

Nonetheless, sugar gliders are social animals, so they will not have much trouble making friends with other pets. They are also endearing and affectionate. They can eat, sleep, and play together with others once introduced to each other slowly.

With safety precautions and pet bonding instructions, housing sugar gliders with other pets is never a problem. However, keep in mind that they do not like being with snakes or other reptiles and large birds. 

How Can You Help Your Sugar Glider Bond With Other Pets?

Managing sugar gliders with other pets takes time and patience. Here are some helpful tips to help you with this pet problem!

Tip #1. You can start by forming a bond between your sugar glider and you or your family. Ensure to treat them affectionately and gently to earn their trust. Once they have realized that you are a good friend, they will also trust everyone in your family, including your pets.

Tip #2. You can also put your sugar glider’s cage on the floor so that your pets can easily reach them to smell. Since most animals often smell others, this can be an excellent way to introduce them to one another. Nevertheless, do not let them touch for the time being to avoid harm.

Tip #3. Even though you want to let them be with each other, it is still advisable to put their cages in different rooms, especially when you are not around. Since they are still unfamiliar with having additional pets in the house, they can be aggressive sometimes.

Tip #4. After a few weeks to months, you can consider letting them touch and play. However, ensure that you will be there whenever they do so to avoid unwanted situations. Once they are already comfortable and used to each other, you can let them hang out together independently. 


Nothing must stop you from adopting sugar gliders with other pets at home. It will only be challenging on your first days, but rest assured that you can see them playing happily after some time. You only need to be patient and careful when introducing them to each other!

Grow a happier family by inviting a new member. You can now flip all those questions and worries away since you have already read this post about housing a sugar glider!



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