Do Sugar Gliders Learn Their Names?

Do Sugar Gliders Learn Their Names?

Sugar gliders have touched many pet owners’ hearts by displaying their sweetness and impressive feat of gliding from one place to another. They are very open to cuddling with humans as they are very social animals that are always grouped in the wildlife.

The question is, do sugar gliders learn their names? Continue reading to learn more about sugar gliders’ ability to know and learn their names. 

Can These Sweet Little Gliders Learn Their Names?

Sugar gliders can barely touch the ground once you have given them too much freedom to roam your house. They will glide and slide from one top to another until you have difficulty finding them. These creatures can be great escape artists, and you may not find them anywhere at all.

To avoid this thing from happening, you can call these little gliders by their names. If you are wondering, “do sugar gliders learn their names”, the answer is yes, and they are smart enough to do this with your voice too!

Before giving them absolute freedom to glide wherever they want, make sure to teach them to learn their names and react at the sound of your voice. This name-calling and voice-reacting training could go up to four to six weeks, depending on the bond that you and your sugar glider share.

Sugar gliders may be highly social animals, but you should remember that they are still part of wildlife. This means that they are not domestically evolved. They could still take some time to adjust from being free and exotic animals to sweet and adorable pets.

The only way to get them comfortable and earn their trust is to plan out one to two hours of interaction and handling each day from the first day you get them. 

Best Sugar Glider Names

Naming your pets adds a certain depth to your relationship with them and to the future you’ll share. Just make sure to call your glider with a simple name — two syllables is enough for them to understand and remember.

Do sugar gliders learn their name? Absolutely, especially when you name them with straightforward names like the following:

  • Emma 
  • Flash
  • Frisco
  • Jewel
  • Lailah
  • Luna
  • Paris

The names mentioned above are just examples of easy ones for your pet, but you have full liberty to choose a more suitable name. You can base it on their skin color or favorite food, just don’t make it too complex for them.


If you are still skeptical about the question, “do sugar gliders learn their names,” they do! All you need to do as a pet owner is to have patience with them. Learn to take it easy to earn their trust; eventually, they will begin to respond to their given names.



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