Can You Potty Train A Sugar Glider?

Can you potty train a sugar glider

Can you potty train a sugar glider? That’s probably a question that’s bothering you if you have one as a pet.

Unlike traditional companion animals like cats and dogs, potty training a sugar glider is much more complicated and different. Training your glider to poop or pee at specific intervals and in certain areas is possible, but it requires abundant patience.

Nevertheless, the effort of potty training your glider is all worth it once you see the results! That means you can say goodbye to potty stains and odors on your shirts!

Stick around to know the effective way of potty training your sugar glider!

Can You Potty Train A Sugar Glider?

There is talk and debate about this particular topic in the sugar glider community. Can you potty train a sugar glider? There is a bit more to the answer than a simple yes or no.

A sugar glider is not capable of traditional potty training – the way you train your dog and cat to potty. It is partly because these marsupials are relatively new to being domesticated. It means they lack the centuries of obedience and knowledge that other pets have.

While that is the case, it is still possible to encourage them to potty in certain areas at specific times. You can take the time to learn their patterns and potty habits. In doing so, you can effectively create a routine that will stop them from peeing on you whenever you lift or carry them.  

How To Potty Train Your Sugar Glider?

Now that the question ‘can you potty train a sugar glider?’ is answered, it is time to learn how. Potty training your sugar glider can be easy with this guide!

Step 1: Create a Defecating Area

Sugar gliders are intelligent and organized creatures. They establish their eating, sleeping, and playing area. Once a glider sets the function of each area, they rarely go there to pee or poop – the other areas of the cage are where you’ll see their droppings.

Place a newspaper in the area where you see little poops. Since these marsupials are not entirely specific about where they relieve themselves, a litter box would be unnecessary.

Step 2: Encourage The Sugar Glider To Pee In One Specific Spot

Sugar gliders have almost the same potty schedule as humans. They are likely to relieve themselves as soon as they wake up to excrete whatever’s built up in their bowels.

You can condition them to poop or pee in the newspaper you’ve laid out at that time. You can do so by grabbing the glider and using baby wipes.

Place the glider over the newspaper and gently caress their butts with the wipes. It will stimulate their bowel system and allow them to poop or pee.

Another method is massaging their tummy while holding them over the newspaper. Doing this will stimulate the glider’s digestive tracts and allow them to excrete their waste.

Step 3: Repeat If Needed

Repeat the process and make sure that the glider is completely done. Don’t stop too soon because the glider might finish on you.

After they relieve themselves, you must wait about two to three hours before doing the process again. 

Step 4: Reward Them

A reward system can be effective in training your sugar glider. You should reward your glider after it has finished its business!

It’s a way to condition the potty training process positively. It allows them to recognize the area where they need to pee.  


While the possibility of potty training a glider is still debatable, several owners have been successful. That said, it is still best not to expect too much, especially if they are new to your home.

Correspondingly, you must understand your glider’s potty habits and routine to train them properly! Above all, you need an ample amount of patience to succeed.



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