Can Sugar Gliders Go Out In The Sun?

Can Sugar Gliders Go Out In The Sun?

One of the most common questions among pet owners is whether or not can sugar gliders go out in the sun. Being nocturnal animals, their sight works better in the dark. They also have bigger eyes, making them more sensitive to light than humans are.

Can I Bring My Sugar Gliders Outside?

Like any other animal, you can safely bring yourself outdoors for a walk or a bonding activity. However, experts suggest avoiding long-term exposure for the risk of damaging their eyesight.

If you plan on bringing them along during the day, it is recommended not to leave them too long in direct sunlight. You can use an umbrella or stay in the shade to keep them safe and healthy.

It may not be the case for every sugar glider, but some can develop discharge from their eyes when exposed to bright light. Some may be more sensitive to light than others, so do not compare your sugar gliders to the ones owned by other people on the internet.

It is always better to consult your veterinarian and ask “can sugar gliders go out in the sun” to know more about how you can protect your sugar glider from these risks. 

Ways To Protect Sugar Gliders From Sun Damage

Here are things that you can do to protect your sugar gliders from the sun:

1. Keep their cage away from direct sunlight

When setting up their cage, ensure it is not located near a large window that receives direct sunlight. If you are not at home often, this may put them at risk of contracting diseases.

Sugar gliders are nocturnal, so it is only normal for them to sleep during the day. Light pollution can mess up their body clock and alter their behavior.

2. Bring an umbrella when going outside

Many owners love to spend their days with their sugar gliders, and one of the most common activities is walking outdoors. Not all sugar gliders will immediately react to sun exposure, but that doesn’t always mean that they are okay with it.

Always remember that being animals, there is no way in which they can communicate their feelings to their owners. If you are not yet sure on “can sugar gliders go out in the sun,” you should always be aware of them when you are exposing them to new environments.

Bring an umbrella to keep them safe from direct sunlight when going outside.

3. Take a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon

The hottest time of the day usually lasts around 3 PM. It would be best not to take walks with your sugar glider during these hours. It is already harmful to humans, so what more can the heat do to these small animals?

If you want to take a short walk and give your sugar gliders a breath of fresh air outside, choose the hours during the early morning or late afternoon to do so. These times are less hot, and the sun is no longer harmful.

If you have kids, you can also have them do a fun outdoor activity with your pets.


As a responsible owner, knowing the things that might put your sugar glider at risk is best. If you’re asking “can sugar gliders go out in the sun,” always consult your veterinarian to ensure that they are always in the best possible condition. As pets, they only rely on you to take care of them, and it is in your power to protect them.



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