Can Sugar Gliders Eat Eggs? (And Other Egg Facts You Need To Know)

Can sugar gliders eat eggs?

So you got yourself these cute little sugar gliders as a pet and wanted to know if you can give them eggs. But do sugar gliders eat eggs? If so, what kind of eggs? How do they like their eggs? Are eggs safe for them to eat?

Do Sugar Gliders Eat Eggs?

Short answer: Yes, sugar gliders can eat eggs!

Long answer: Just like how people can eat eggs but in moderation, sugar gliders can also eat eggs as long as not excessively, and as long as it is thoroughly cooked. Sugar gliders should never be fed raw meat or eggs due to the risk of contamination.

What Kind Of Eggs Do Sugar Gliders Eat?

Sugar gliders eat regular chicken eggs, and some owners usually cook it hard-boiled. However, boiled eggs can be too big for your little furry friends, so some owners mash them with the shell included so that the sugar gliders can also get that extra calcium found in those shells.

You can also give scrambled eggs to your furry friends, as long as you don’t use any oil or seasoning on them to save your pet’s digestive system.

Are Eggs Safe For Them To Eat?

Yes! It is safe for sugar gliders to consume eggs as long as it is thoroughly cooked. In fact, eggs are also good for them as they are a good source of protein. Note, however, that it should not be the only source of protein that you give to your pet.

Eggs should only be a minor component of your sugar gliders’ diet. They should not constitute the majority of the diet. Instead, they should be supplemented with a variety of other foods to ensure that they get enough nutrients. Sugar gliders can eat eggs, but they should not be the only food your pet consumes.

Also, note that a diet that is too high in eggs can lead to health problems. Eggs also contain fat and cholesterol. If you give too many eggs to your furry pet, it could cause heart problems. If you have any questions about giving eggs to your sugar gliders, it is best to talk with a veterinarian.


That’s all you need to know to equip you with giving eggs to your sugar gliders. Just remember the following key points:

  • Eggs are safe as long as they are thoroughly cooked, have no added oil or seasonings, and are given in moderation.
  • Eggs should only be a supplement to their diet, not the only thing they consume.
  • Give your sugar gliders a variety of food to ensure they get the nutrients they need from other sources.
  • Eggs are a good source of protein, but they also contain fat and cholesterol, so be careful not to give them excessively, or else they may cause heart problems for your pet.

If your sugar glider doesn’t like eggs, it’s okay! Not all humans do, either.



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