Best Sugar Glider Calcium Supplement

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Sugar gliders are cute animals that can fit right inside your pockets, which is precisely why many people have suddenly taken an interest in them. Since they are naturally born in the wild, you must provide them with necessary nutrients like calcium. Luckily, here are suggestions on what sugar glider calcium supplements you should buy.

Sugar gliders are popular among people looking for a cute small pet with a flexible diet. They also can take up less cage space than cats and dogs and are relatively more attractive.

Owning a sugar glider will require patience and extensive knowledge to care for them properly, and this article will help you raise your sugar gliders healthily.

Are Sugar Gliders Great Pets?

Taking sugar gliders as pets is no easy task. You have to consider how the animal behaves and consider its needs. 

With that said, sugar gliders are social animals, meaning they rely on companionship. That is why you cannot have a lone sugar glider pet; it will have a hard time surviving.

In owning a sugar glider, giving it a lot of attention can make it clingy to the owner. It may also enjoy cuddling. Due to the sugar glider’s innate playful and active behavior, many pet owners want to have one as a companion.

Best Sugar Glider Calcium Supplements

Sugar gliders consume high levels of fruits and vegetables that are high in calcium. That said, you need to provide your sugar gliders with a proper calcium-rich diet.

This part of the article will provide you with the best sugar glider calcium supplements. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

1. Blueberry Fortifier Calcium and Vitamin Supplement 

This vitamin is available on Amazon and is one of the best-recommended calcium supplements for sugar gliders. It weighs 8 oz per pack with just a little calcium and is consumable year-round for your sugar glider. Note that one package can only last a year for one sugar glider. 

2. Exotic Nutrition’s Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement 

This one is another sugar glider calcium supplement highly recommended for you. It will help prevent sugar gliders from getting hind leg paralysis that may result from the lack of calcium consumption.

The supplement is suitable for sugar gliders of all ages. You can use it with your newly developed sugar glider and fully developed ones.


After reading this comprehensive guide for sugar glider calcium supplements, you are ready to choose the right one for your lovable pet. Select the right product so you can serve the proper nutrients to your gliders. Since they are prone to get depressed, you should cater to everything your sugar gliders need.



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