Are Sugar Gliders Endangered?

Sugar glider inside a shelter

As the years go by, more and more animal species are decreasing in population. Sadly, sugar gliders are becoming one of them. Understanding the reasons for their endangerment and knowing your role in preventing them is an essential step to saving these adorable creatures.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders, according to National Geographic, are palm-sized possums that glide up to half the length of a soccer pitch in one trip. They are commonly found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia that are native to tropical and cool-temperate forests.

Through their “wings” made of thin skin, they use their tails as they soar through the air. Although usually compared to flying squirrels, they are more related to other marsupials like kangaroos. 

Why Are Sugar Gliders Endangered?

There are three factors as to why sugar gliders are endangered. Sadly, they are mainly because of human activities.

Habitat loss brought about by deforestation is one of the major threats to sugar gliders. The decrease in habitat significantly affected their population over the years.

Emerging climate change is another factor. Droughts shrink the habitat ranges for sugar gliders, which forces them to move from one area to another and decrease their population throughout the journey. 

Another significant issue is poaching, which causes the decline of not just the population of sugar gliders, but also of other animal species. Humans capture baby animals and sell them illegally in order to generate money. This illegal practice is very alarming since it may cause more and more species like sugar gliders to face endangerment and eventually become extinct.

What Can Humans Do To Save Sugar Gliders?

Since humans are the very reason why sugar gliders are endangered just like a lot of other animals, we are also the ones who can save them. Here are some of your roles in conserving  their population:

  • Save the forests. Forests are not just homes for sugar gliders but other animals as well. It is essential to stop deforestation and save the habitats of various creatures.
  • Plant fruit trees and nectar plants. Sugar gliders are very fond of sweet foods that come from fruit trees like chestnut and maple and nectar plants like snowdrops, hazel, cherry, dandelion, and others. 
  • Build nesting boxes. Sugar gliders live in hollows and nests. Building nest boxes on trees will give them a safer place to stay.
  • Be responsible. Those who have sugar gliders as pets should be responsible masters. Owners have to ensure they get the right food amounts and nutritional values.
  • Spread awareness. Saving sugar gliders is a big responsibility since they are nature’s gifts to humans. By sharing information, we can raise awareness and call for action.


The quick answer to “are sugar gliders endangered” is a big, concerning “yes”. They need immediate saving, so everyone must act now before these beautiful creatures are gone for future generations to see.



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