All About Sugar Glider Beddings

All About Sugar Glider Beddings

The most common sugar glider beddings are commonly called “cage sets.” Generally, these items are made with fleece which is considered the safest material for sugar gliders.

Cage sets include various things that are useful to sugar gliders. Usually, it is composed of hammocks, sleeping pouches, and vine-type things to climb on together with other unique pieces.

Nesting boxes are usually made of ventilated plastic containers. Although pouches are typically available online, those made in local pet stores are not safe generally as sugar gliders require extra special care.

Where Is The Best Place to Put Cage Sets?

The rule of thumb when it comes to the placement of cage sets or beddings is to place them in areas where people usually hang out. It is because sugar gliders are normally very social, so putting them in such areas will make them happy.

When placing a cage set in kitchen areas, make sure to avoid cooking using nonstick cookware. The fumes they release can be deadly to small animals, including birds and sugar gliders.

Why Cage Sets Can Be Dangerous To Sugar Gliders

Normally, fabrics are transported with chemicals in order to prevent damage and problems during transit. It is commonly not an issue; however, such chemicals can bring harm to small animals like sugar gliders.

When buying sugar glider beddings, it is best to wash them before use. It is safe to use detergents that have no dye and scents.

The craftsmanship of sugar glider beddings is very crucial. Only experienced seamstresses should sew cage set pieces. Every item has to be made in a special way to make them safe for use.

If the sewing is not proper, there is a chance that the sugar glider’s nails, fingers, or toes will catch threads. It can cause broken toes, loose chew at the limb, or even amputation due to accidental cutting off circulation.

Why Buying Sugar Glider Beddings Is Better Than Creating Them?

For sure, doing sugar glider beddings is possible. However, it is highly recommended that it be done with extreme care and expertise in using the sewing machine.

The stitching of beddings needs to be very small and, if possible, hidden so that the sharp nails of sugar gliders will not get caught between them. If it happens, injuries like breaking a toe are possible.

Although cage sets may be pricey, it ensures good craftsmanship and high quality. Creating sugar glider beddings requires a significant amount of effort, a reasonable amount of time, and very close attention to detail.

No matter how nice sugar glider beddings are done, it is still best to check them every after wash. Stitches have chances of getting loose after some time which can be harmful to the sugar gliders.


Sugar gliders are very sensitive creatures, so providing the best habitat and sugar glider beddings are essential points to ensure their happiness. Make sure to find the right one so your furry friends can enjoy their lives to the fullest!



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