Adopting A Sugar Glider: 5 Things To Know

Sugar gliders are fascinating little critters that you can adopt and keep at home as pets. They are, after all, tiny bursts of mischievous, cuddly pocket pets that have the power to bring additional joy to your family. If you consider adopting a sugar glider, you first need to know a few things. 

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Sugar Glider

Understanding what they need before adopting one is crucial if you want to keep them happy and healthy for the long term. Here are a few things to remember:

1. They Are Nocturnals

Sugar gliders are naturally nocturnal creatures. Meaning they are most hyper and active when the sun is down. 

These marsupials are typically active and awake between 8 pm, and 8 am. It means that you have a few hours to interact and play with them each day. 

They also make plenty of noise during the night, so expect to hear lots of hissing, chirping, and barking at odd hours. Keep their cage out of your bedroom if you are a light sleeper. 

2. Sugar Gliders Have A Specific Diet

The most challenging aspect of adopting a sugar glider is maintaining its precise diet requirements. You can’t let them stray away from their diet if you want them to stay healthy. 

Their diet should consist of 75% fruits and vegetables, with the remaining 25% being all protein. You can satisfy their specific nutritional needs by giving them insects, tree sap, and mealworms.

3. They Need An Exotic Veterinarian

Animals are very much like humans. Each is unique in its own way. However, some animals, like sugar gliders, need a particular veterinarian to attend to their needs. 

Regular veterinarians are not qualified to treat sugar gliders as they don’t know enough about exotic animals to do so. You will need an exotic vet to treat their medical issues.  

4. You Might Need More Than One

Sugar gliders are very social animals. They enjoy being around other animals, especially those like them. 

Companionship is essential for them, so it is recommended to adopt more than one. It is especially true if you are not home often. 

5. They Are Not Legal Everywhere

While the thought of adopting a sugar glider can be pretty exciting, do not get ahead of yourself. Some places and states do not allow citizens to adopt sugar gliders. 

Some places have strict laws about having them as pets, with few altogether banning them. However, some locations allow people to adopt them under certain conditions. 

Please do your research first to ensure that it is perfectly legal in your area or place. 

6. Bonding Will Take Time

Establishing a bond with sugar gliders is not easy. Most pet owners adopt gliders fully expecting to form a bond instantly. That is not always the case, however. Bonding with them will take time and effort.

You can start by spending time with them. You may also use treats to urge them to come out of their hiding place. 


Sugar gliders are playful tiny kangaroo-like creatures that can be great household pets — just make sure you arm yourself with everything you need to know about raising them first.

Adopting a sugar glider is far from easy. If you want to keep your gliders happy under your care, make sure to educate yourself before looking for one. 



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