About Sugar Gliders

Introduction To Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are named like that because they travel long distances in the air searching for something that could satisfy their sweet tooth. These tiny animals have recently become more popular because of numerous reasons.

Aside from their cute faces and small stature, sugar gliders are exciting creatures with characteristics that people love. What could these sweet animals have that could take the world by storm? What are sugar gliders, exactly?

Sugar Gliders As Pets

Sugar gliders are part of the marsupial family, native to the cool forests of Australia and in some parts of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. If you’re curious about how to take care of sugar gliders, you’re just in the right place! Sit back and relax as we discuss everything you need to know about these little marsupials. 

Common Diseases In Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are playful and curious pets that can be prone to a myriad of diseases. Like humans, these small animals can suffer from various illnesses — including traumatic injuries, infections, and organ failure. Continue reading to know more about the common diseases of sugar gliders, their symptoms, treatment, and prevention!