7 Must-Have Sugar Glider Treats

Are you looking for great and nutritious sugar glider treats? Treats are a terrific way to bring excitement to a sugar glider\’s overall diet and help you form a more substantial relationship with them!

Sugar gliders obtain some of their nutrients from their treats; therefore, you must always have them with you. You could also create your own recipe if you want something quick and uncomplicated.

This article will tackle some of the best and healthiest sugar glider treats available on the market today.

Sugar Glider Treats You Can Purchase In The Market

Here are five sugar glider treats and the definitions for each item.

1. Yogu drops with papaya

It’s essential to give your gliders pet-only yogurt drops, even in small amounts. Dried papaya yogurt drops are an excellent alternative for sugar gliders who enjoy eating papaya because they dry quickly and retain all of their nutrients. 

2. Berries and bugs

Bugs and insects are the favorite food of all sugar gliders. Canned ones are ideal for satisfying their eating impulses and giving them much-needed energy.

You can add berries and worms to your pet’s meals to enhance flavor. Sugar gliders only need a tiny quantity every day, so a small pack can last for months.

3. Gliderade nectar treat

Gliderade nectar treats are meant to be high-nutritional blueberry treats and can be combined with water to form a nectar paste. Also, nectar treats are popular in fruity chunks, which are placed in a toy to promote amusement and excitement. 

4. Nectar pods treat 

Nectar pods are the ideal approach to fulfill your sugar glider’s fruit cravings. The pods have all of the delicious flavors that these marsupials love, plus each snack contains glycine and calcium to help them grow. 

You may place calcium-rich treats in a unique juicer holder to promote stimulation. Each package comes with eight pods in a range of flavors to suit your pet’s tastes.

5. Critter select tropical island blend treat

A tropical island blend treat is an excellent choice to start with if you’re looking for something with no preservatives. These tasty treats will not only improve your sugar glider’s taste, but will also improve their teeth and jaw. 

Other Healthy Sugar Glider Treats

If you cannot purchase any of the treats mentioned above, don’t worry because here are some alternative healthy treats for your sugar glider! 

1. Insects

Sugar gliders are omnivorous opportunists. They will consume everything they find in the wild, including insects.

There are several insects you may feed to your gliders, but you should limit the amount you give each time they eat. The owner should provide more than ten mealworms every day. 

2. Fruits

Fruits are the most natural and healthiest treat you could provide to your sugar glider. Watermelons, apple slices, bananas, and mangoes are their favorites. Dried fruit is also suitable for sugar gliders, as long as they are organic (no added sugar or preservatives) and served in a small amount.

Please take out any fruit pits before feeding them to your gliders because they are poisonous


Unlike human treats, sugar glider treats are often nutritionally balanced, containing vitamins and minerals. As a result, they aid in filling the glider\’s stomach, making them feel full and eventually improving their health and well-being!

It is critical not to overfeed treats since they may be harmful to your glider\’s health. Foods that are particularly fatty or too sweet should be provided with care. 

We are confident that your relationship with your sugar glider will be stronger after you have started feeding them treats, so don’t hesitate to do it!



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