5 Essential Tips On How To Adopt A Sugar Glider

Aside from their unique appearance, sugar gliders are also known for continuously seeking love and attention. They can be the perfect pet for animal lovers, which is one reason why a lot of people want to know how to adopt a sugar glider. 

However, interested owners should note that having a sugar glider as a pet requires patience and hard work. Please keep reading to know the best tips on adopting a glider and finding them. 

Tips On Adopting A Sugar Glider

1. Research Well

It’s important to remember that wanting to adopt a sugar glider is different than actually being ready for it. Sugar gliders require constant attention, love, and financial commitment. 

Here’s a detailed guide of some facts about sugar gliders

Before getting a sugar glider, the vet recommends that interested owners do their research well. It includes diet, behavior, training difficulty, socialization, and more. It would also help to check whether owning a sugar glider is legal in their area.

2. Get Necessary Permit And Documents

Some may require special permits or documents when adopting a sugar glider, depending on the state. In Georgia, they only need valid documentation from the United States Department of Agriculture stating that the glider originated from a regulated source. 

On the other hand, it’s illegal to have a sugar glider in Mexico if the person doesn’t have a special permit. One should consult with their local government and contact their Wildlife Department to know how to adopt a sugar glider legally. 

3. Look For Rescue Groups

When planning to have a sugar glider as a pet, it would help future sugar glider parents to first check with their local rescue groups. Aside from being cost-effective, this will help the organization free some space for more neglected or surrendered gliders. 

However, you should also remember that even these rescue groups usually require a small fee for adoption. This fee will aid them in maintaining their sanctuary for future sugar gliders.

4. Find A Reputable Breeder 

Another tip to remember on how to adopt a sugar glider is finding and working with a responsible breeder. Owners can start by consulting a veterinarian for advice on where to begin.

Due to their popularity, some breeders conduct inhumane practices to reproduce sugar gliders. It would be best to look for someone with a USDA license and after-sales assistance.

5. Consider Adopting Two Gliders

Sugar gliders are highly sociable animals. Although their constant need for affection seems adorable, it can sometimes be exhausting.

If owners want to keep their gliders happy and content, it would be ideal to adopt two gliders instead of one. Doing this can encourage social interaction and promote good behavior, especially in the presence of strangers. 


Since gliders are still considered exotic pets, it would help if future sugar glider parents would spend their time bonding with them. It may take days or a few months, but the result is always worth it. 

Understanding how to adopt a sugar glider is also understanding that it’s a 15-year commitment. It includes providing adequate care, medical treatment, and heaps of love!



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