4 Tips In Choosing Fun Sugar Glider Toys

Small pets like rodents, hamsters, and sugar gliders are used to living in the wild. It’s likely that once you keep them, they may not experience the activities that they are accustomed to before.

Fortunately, you can provide them a home and environment close to their natural habitat through plenty of sugar glider toys and accessories. Installing these in their cage can also allow them to learn new abilities. Furthermore, it will enable them to enhance their hunting skills, maintain or improve their instinctive reflexes while playing, and keep a healthy and fit lifestyle.

More Things You Need To Know About A Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are naturally social animals. They go in pairs or colonies, with usually 7 to 9 members in the wild. With this fact, you cannot house or cage a sugar glider alone in your home.

If you’re planning to have a sugar glider as a pet, make sure to bring companions with them. They can experience stress and feel unhappy if they don’t have ‘someone’ around.

As pets included in the marsupial animal kingdom, sugar gliders are inclined to love pockets as kangaroos do. They would love to be under a small fleece sheet that feels like the inside of a comfy pocket.

Sugar gliders are most active at night, given their nocturnal and escape-expert nature. While they are sleepyheads during the day, sugar gliders release their energy in playing or escaping once it is the moon’s turn to light up the world.

In short, sugar gliders are indeed high-maintenance but rewarding pets. You have to ensure you’re capable of giving up to 12 years of commitment to these pets.

Things To Remember Before Buying Sugar Glider Toys

Grabbing benign sugar glider toys for your small pet is one of the most essential things to note when taking care of them. So, here’s a list of things to help you choose the best ones for your pet:

1. Size

Since sugar gliders are small and have short bodies, toys that are too small or too big for them may be a dangerous option. It shouldn’t be the size that will let the glider insert its head inside for ring toys. For bells, it shouldn’t be too small to prevent your pet from accidentally swallowing it.

2. Chew-friendly

Most sugar glider toys have chewy features that let the sugar gliders free their energy without breaking the toy. A perfect chew toy has hard-to-break parts and helps keep your gliders’ teeth healthy and clean. Some chew-friendly toys are made from plants like water hyacinth, rattan, or sea-grass.

3. Material

You won’t want to give glider pets a toy made or treated with toxic substances or materials. When choosing among synthetic sugar glider toys, choose an acrylic one. Also, see to it that all toy parts do not contain lead.

On the one hand, wood material makes the best choice. Avoid wooden toys treated with harmful chemicals like arsenic, which can be poisonous to animal health. Also, don’t leave moisture on the wooden toys to avoid fungi growth.

4. Structure

To ensure the utmost safety of your glider pet, buy sturdy and well-constructed toys, especially those purchased as cage sets with parts that are tightly screwed or nailed. Sugar gliders can also be safe from any injuries from running with toy wheels that have a ball-bearing.


Many stores offer varieties of unique sugar glider toys you can choose from. Nevertheless, safety and comfort create the perfect pet toys. It’s equally important to always make your pet’s health and safety your top priority.



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