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Aside from their cute faces and small stature, sugar gliders are exciting creatures with characteristics that people really love! What could these sweet animals have that could take the world by storm? What are sugar gliders, exactly?

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See the discovery of new sugar glider species by IFL Science
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Sugar Glider Flies into Man's Apartment!
A glider flew through an open window into a sixth-floor apartment
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44 Gliders Up for Adoption!
A record-breaking number of sugar gliders were surrendered for adoption
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How Do You Know If a Sugar Glider Is Pregnant? 

Have you ever thought about how interesting it is to see animals bear their off-springs? Unlike human beings who are capable of acting or saying so when they are pregnant, animals are just the opposite, like spider gliders who are

What Can I Feed My Sugar Glider Joey?

What Can I Feed My Sugar Glider Joey?

For first-time owners, “what can I feed my sugar glider joey?” is always a question. They are considered exotic animals compared to other household pets, meaning they have different eating patterns. Originally from New Guinea and Australia, Sugar Gliders are

What Tricks Can You Teach A Sugar Glider?

What Tricks Can You Teach A Sugar Glider?

Indeed, you at least once thought about what tricks can you teach a sugar glider. It is almost expected for all pets to know some commands, especially if you want to keep them well-acquainted with living a domesticated life, Fortunately, Sugar